UBS Transport

The Transport basic service aims to ensure that everyone can access local services, employment opportunities, and participate in their local community.

Due to the different circumstances of each community and geographic area this service will depend on local design and delivery as well as coordination with surrounding communities.

In the 2017 report examined 2 different definitions were used in the analysis:

  • Definition 1: bus transport only
  • Definition 2: bus transport plus other local transport services (tube, tram, DLR, local overground trains, etc)

Definition 2 is, for the most part, only relevant to cities with non-bus local public transport infrastructure.

Using the data from the Living Costs and Food Survey on average expenditure per week on bus services, the cost of extending free bus transport to non-pensioners is estimated to be approximately £2.0bn, and the cost of extending free bus and tube transport at £2.9bn. However, an alternative calculation based on the cost of the current concessionary bus scheme for pensioners and extending the scheme to the whole population, based on population size, produces an estimate of around £5.2bn. This seems more realistic, given that making bus travel free at point-of-use would certainly lead to an increase in the number of trips undertaken. Extending a more extensive concessionary scheme (along the lines of the London Freedom Pass) to the whole UK population would cost around £12.3 billion, but this require very significant upgrades to the public transport infrastructure across most of the UK outside the major cities.

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