One Question: Universal Basic Income

Do we need a Universal Basic Income?

State of Nature

With responses from: Julie Wark; Doug Henwood; Peter Frase; Heikki Patomaki; Danielle Guizzo & Will Stronge; Karl Widerquist; Anton Jäger & Daniel Zamora; Alyssa Battistoni; Danny Dorling; Francine Mestrum; Daniel Raventós; Louise Haagh.

Danielle Guizzo & Will Stronge:

First, [UBI] should not be seen as a replacement for the welfare state, or as an alternative for social benefits – on the contrary, basic income would only offer positive results as long as it is attached to a strong presence of the state and its system of social provisions.

Danny Dorling:

A basic income is also not an alternative for basic universal services. We need both.

Francine Mestrum:

We need social services for all (from health and education to public transport, communication and housing) and cash transfers (guaranteed minimum incomes) for the poor. Because yes, societies do exist and we need to foster them.








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