Job creation in a digital world Vincent Chin Global Public Sector Leader, The Boston Consulting Group Governments should actively explore providing their citizens with universal basic services – including internet access and mobile digital connectivity – as private goods. This is because removing barriers to social and financial inclusion is vital in the drive towards broad-based, inclusive growth and sustainable … Continue reading Job creation in a digital world

The Case for Universal Basic Services Mick   There is strong support for increased public spending funded by taxation on those who can afford to pay. Without action in advance of the job losses caused by automation, we risk severing the social contract and leaving swathes of the population in abject poverty. Universal Basic Services are a radical idea, but … Continue reading The Case for Universal Basic Services

Sainsbury report highlights value of social eating

Sainsbury Living Well Index 2018 Henry Worthington Oxford Economics and the National Centre for Social Research In addition to covering the degree of financial stress in low income families and the extent to which Transport links affect wellbeing, this reports includes specific data on the correlation of eating alone and wellbeing. Everything else equal, someone … Continue reading Sainsbury report highlights value of social eating

A proposal for universal basic services

What India needs at this moment is not an expensive adventure like UBI at the cost of all other government expenditure but a push towards universal access to basic services by all sections of the population provided by the government. Such a proposal for universal basic services (UBS) should be a pre-condition before UBI can be considered.