London Cooking Project: community food in action

We are very pleased to present a short video introducing the London Cooking Project and the Be Enriched Battersea Canteen. We know that the idea of a UBS for Food is one of the harder ones to imagine, and so we hope that a vignette of a community food service already in action will give everyone … Continue reading London Cooking Project: community food in action

Job creation in a digital world Vincent Chin Global Public Sector Leader, The Boston Consulting Group Governments should actively explore providing their citizens with universal basic services – including internet access and mobile digital connectivity – as private goods. This is because removing barriers to social and financial inclusion is vital in the drive towards broad-based, inclusive growth and sustainable … Continue reading Job creation in a digital world

A proposal for universal basic services

What India needs at this moment is not an expensive adventure like UBI at the cost of all other government expenditure but a push towards universal access to basic services by all sections of the population provided by the government. Such a proposal for universal basic services (UBS) should be a pre-condition before UBI can be considered.